Education and Maintaining Certification

Certification is maintained by continuing to volunteer for the organization and to attend Tree Stewards meetings and/or educational events. Stewards should participate in at least 5 hours of education and at least 10 hours of service during each calendar year.

Why do we need continuing education ?  

See our  August 2012 Newsletter.

Education hours include any class offered by our organization and any classes, workshops, seminars, webinars, etc. offered by other organizations and approved by the Education Committee.   These approved opportunities are listed on our calendar or communicated in our newsletter.   In addition, the resources listed below qualify as education hours.

 Each item below = one hour of continuing education unless otherwise noted.

  1. National Plant Diagnostic Network site.  Accepted modules are “Overview: Invasive Species that Affect Plants” or an module specifically related to trees.
  2. Deep Tree Roots and Bare Root to Bare Root – Coming Full Circle    (both articles = 1 hour)
  3. Any available webcast at the ACTree site
  4. eLearn: Urban Forestry :  AN INTERACTIVE ONLINE INTRODUCTION TO URBAN FOREST MANAGEMENT    Note:  Number of hours reported for this webinar is based on the number of modules completed.
  5. Forests and Climate Change
  6. Phytophthora

Stewards should report education hours using our Volunteer Hours page.

Information from our classes:

Tree Steward Training Manual