Tree Care & Pruning

Tree Stewards care for trees throughout the City of Richmond in close collaboration with City Arborists.  We define “tree care” as clearance pruning, structural pruning, watering, staking or removing staking and removing unnecessary watering bags.

  • We prune residential streets so residents can walk down the street without ducking, so young street trees will grow into stronger trees, so residents can get in and out of their parked cars.
  • We prune medians to improve driver visibility, to lengthen the lives of those trees so they can help clean our air and help reduce storm water runoff, and so city mowers can work more easily.
  • We prune in city parks to raise the canopy — sometimes for neighborhood safety and crime prevention, and sometimes so people can picnic or just rest under the trees.

Tree Stewards who prune city trees must have completed our training course and meet other requirements for certification.  In addition, on-going education is required to maintain certification.  Information about becoming a tree steward can be found here.