Forest Hill Park RVA Tree Walk

Forest Hill Park was established in the 1930’s from part of the ‘Boscobel’ Estate, owned by William Byrd in the late 1700’s. The tree walk consists of about 30 trees and can be done two parts— from the Stone House to the front of the park and  behind the Stone House toward the road leading to the lake. The majority of trees are mature hardwoods with a diverse population of oak (genus Quercus)  including a George Washington Memorial Oak and a ‘mystery tree’ with a link to the tree Steward website.

To the front of the Stone House don’t miss the large Osage orange, with a couple of young trees for comparison. In the fall this tree should have large bright yellow green fruit resembling a bumpy orange.  The walk behind the Stone House includes an allee of Bradford pears and an allee of sugar maples.

In the summertime, notice the difference in temperature under the huge oak tree by the playground. The sugar maples have spectacular fall color.

Learn more about the species on this walk now  Forest Hill Park Trees.   Click on the tree markers to open a window with images and text.  All images, unless otherwise noted, are from the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.

Print a map to take with you:  Forest Hill Park Tree Walk


Community Tree Planting by the lake. October 2014