Richmond Invasive Species Awareness Month

Invasive Species Awareness… MONTH? Yes! Richmond approved a month long campaign to raise awareness about the invasive species that are a threat in our area, how they harm biodiversity, and what we can do to rehabilitate a native ecosystem. 

Join the James River Invasive Plant Task Force to help restore our public lands!


LEARN: Learn to identify and remove invasive plant species, why they are a problem, and the importance of native plants for a healthy ecosystem.

GUIDED WALKS: Enjoy and information filled woodland walk with renowned local naturalists. (1:00pm & 2:30pm)

FREE THE CREEK: Remove invasive vines that cover the ground and reduce biodiversity (1:30pm – 3:30pm)

SHEEP & LAMBS: Watch the RVAGoats/GrazeVA sheep and lambs eat privet, winter creeper & English ivy!

Monday, March 6th:

Chapel Island – Invasive Removal (12pm – 2pm) REGISTER HERE

Tuesday, March 7th:

Huguenot Flatwater – Free a Tree (9am – noon) REGISTER HERE

Texas Beach – Invasive Removal (2pm – 4pm) REGISTER HERE

Wednesday, March 8th:

Buttermilk Trail – Invasive Removal (10am – noon) REGISTER HERE

Reedy Creek – Invasive Removal (3pm – 5pm) REGISTER HERE

Thursday, March 9th:

Belle Isle – Invasive Removal (9am – noon) REGISTER HERE

Friday, March 10th:

Ancarrow’s Landing – Invasive Removal (10am – 1pm) REGISTER HERE

Boogie for the Biosphere! (5pm – 8pm) Join the party at Basic City Beer Co! ???? 212 W. 6th Street – Listen to the wonderful band Rattlemouth ???? – Meet some little lambs ???? – Drink great beer ????

Saturday, March 11th:

Wetlands- Invasive Removal (10am – 1pm) REGISTER HERE

Buttermilk Trail – Invasive Removal (10am – noon) REGISTER HERE

Visit the James River Park Systems for more information.